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We harness the power of science to support animal health and performance. By applying state-of-the-art and proprietary technology we deliver natural, sustainable and profitable solutions to the feed and livestock industry. Naturally Ahead.


Allergy Out
Chlorpheniramine Maleate Injection LP


  • The most potent Antihist Rapid onset of action.
  • Longer duration of action
  • Better penetration inta tissues


  • Effective reversal of allergy
  • Urkara Mats Pitus, most Eczema and Drug induced allergy


  • Cattle & Horses 3-5 mi
  • -Sheep Goats & Pigs 1-2md
  • Dogs & Cats 0.5 m By Intramuscular injection or as prescribed by the Veterinaran


Desire  medications you give to your animals is important to ensure the health and well-being
of your animal. The medication label provides information on how to properly administer, store, and calculate the dose of the medication. Desire  also share information on how to ensure no residues are left in
your animal and what types of animals the medication
may not be suitable for.

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